Chris Elliott Fund

Bringing HOPE to the lives of brain tumor patients & their families

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Our Mission

The Chris Elliott Fund is furiously committed to finding a cure for brain cancer and to bringing HOPE to the lives of patients and their families.

Everything we do is directed towards our ultimate mission, which is to EndBrainCancer within our lifetimes.  We are unique in the one-on-one personalized support we offer to brain tumor patients and their families.

Additionally, we:

  • Provide patients with IMMEDIATE ACCESS to advanced treatment options,  specialists & comprehensive support programs
  • Provide support & guidance concerning the DAY-TO-DAY needs of patients and their caregivers
  • Educate the general public on matters related to brain tumors and brain cancer
  • Advocate on issues of national public health policy impacting the lives and welfare of brain tumor patients/brain cancer patients

Our ultimate goal is to put ourselves out of business when a cure is found for brain cancer and our services are no longer needed.

Please contact us at or call us at 1-800-574-5703 for more information. For a little bit about what we do visit our patient services page.