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4th Annual Brains Matter Education, Awareness, Auction & Celebration Luncheon


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Registration is Open!

The 4th Annual Brains Matter Awareness Auction & Celebration Luncheon is on May 29th 2014, from 11:00am – 1:30pm at the Bellevue Club (map). Registration is now open! Use the button below to secure your sponsorship, corporate/individual table or ticket now!


Event sponsorship is now available for the event. Review the many sponsorship opportunities for this event by downloading the 2 page packet now! (download here) and filling out our item or sponsorship donation form or using the button above. No matter what your business or budget, there are sponsorship opportunities for your unique needs. Please call or email Rachel Tougher at 1-800-574-5703 or with your questions. 

A special thank you to this year’s Event/Banquet Sponsor:

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About the Event

Every year the Chris Elliott Fund hosts the Brains Matter Awareness Auction & Celebration Luncheon during the month of May as part of National Brain Tumor Awareness Month. This May of 2014 marks the 4th Annual event and we at CEF are celebrating another successful luncheon and year with our brain cancer and brain tumor advocacy rockstars.

May, Brain Tumor Awareness Month: The month of the brain tumor advocacy rockstar!

In combination with this event and Brain Tumor Awareness Month CEF hopes to bring awareness and educate patients and caregivers about this this disease to help empower other individuals to be advocates for their health care.

More info:

For more information on our luncheon, see the press release on last year’s event, also last year’s announcements on the event. Below are photos from last year’s event:


2013 May Luncheon


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