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Cecil E. Jenks Fund

CEJ-Logo_Medium-ResolutionCecil Jenks was a champion for education.  Throughout his career at People’s Bank, within the Seattle community, and on behalf of his family, he believed education was the starting point for change.  Cecil was born in 1896 in Michigan, and by age 20 was married to the love of his life, Leona.  They moved to the Seattle area and by age 35, he was the Vice President of People’s Bank and father to two lovely children, Janet and David.   He saw the bank through the country’s worst economy, The Great Depression.  Cecil, who did not have the opportunity for advanced formal education, was immensely proud of his children and their educational pursuits (Janet at University of Washington, David at Stanford).  He also advocated for the formation of the Pacific Northwest Banking School, which continues to help banking employees find solid ground in the field of economics and well-rounded banking principles in tough economic times.

Cecil E Jenks Fund

Cecil E. Jenks

After his only son David returned from the Navy and joined an investment firm in 1959, David was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  In 1962 he passed away at the age of 26, leaving behind his wife Marilyn, his 2-year-old daughter Jennifer, his parents Cecil and Leona, sister Janet and his loving family.  After losing her father, Jennifer stayed close to her grandmother, Leona, her aunt Janet Uncle Jim. and her cousins Ellie, Mollie and Jane.  It was a family built on support.  Cecil passed away seven years later, in December 1969.

Cecil with his grandaughters (l-r) Ellie, Mollie, Jane and Jennifer.

Cecil with his grandaughters (l-r) Ellie, Mollie, Jane and Jennifer.

The informational resources Cecil needed for dealing and coping with his son’s diagnosis were not available when he needed them.  The Cecil E. Jenks Fund was established to ensure that anyone who is diagnosed with a brain tumor has access to educational materials and advanced medical treatments, patient support, and resources that improve the quality of life for patients.   The Jenks Family has chosen to institute this fund at the Chris Elliott Fund, a non-profit organization that provides national brain tumor patient support and exists to end brain cancer through education, awareness, advocacy and research.  The Chris Elliott Fund offers all services free of charge and provides a unique and unparalleled concierge style service for each brain tumor patient and their caregivers.

“I am proud to honor my grandfather and family while supporting the needs of brain tumor patients worldwide through the Chris Elliott Fund. The Cecil E Jenks Fund allows for his family to honor him and meaningfully give back.” Jennifer Bohner, Cecil E Jenks grandaughter and fund coordinator.

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For information about the Cecil E Jenks Fund contact:

Jennifer Jenks Bohner