Chris Elliott Fund

Bringing HOPE to the lives of brain tumor patients & their families


Dellann Elliott Mydland | Founder & President & Board Chair


Dellann co-founded the Chris Elliott Fund shortly before her husband, Chris Elliott, passed away in June of 2002.  Dellann is a skilled public advocate, attending hearings in Washington, D.C., educating doctors/patients through multimedia educational campaigns while driving the research community to collaborate care at all junctures. Dellann has been honored by Harvard University as a National Glioblastoma Patient Advocate, and is also the recipient of the Spirit of Sammamish Award for 2009—an award in which the city and its citizens acknowledge “Magnificent Moments of Inspiration”.  Dellann, a mother of two children, is also a Rotary Club Member, a Sammamish Chamber of Commerce member, and a member of the Swedish Community Advisory Board. Prior to creating the Chris Elliott Fund, she served as an environmental regulator and as an early childhood educator at a local Washington state elementary school, specializing in educating children inflicted with Down Syndrome.

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